• Industrial PTFE Mixer Machine
  • Industrial PTFE Mixer Machine
  • Industrial PTFE Mixer Machine

Industrial PTFE Mixer Machine

This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metallurgy, light industry and scientific research units. It can mix powdery or granular materials with good fluidity very uniformly, so that the mixed materials can achieve the best mixing state, which meets the "GMP" Requirements for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

PTFE mixer machine

Industrial PTFE Mixer Machine

Product model: KD-HL-SW-ZW-200

Dimensions: 1300×1600×1500 mm(L/W/H)

Machine weight: about 400 Kg

Installed power: 3.75 Kw

Rated voltage: 380V-3/50 Hz (three-phase five-wire system)

Motor power: 3 Kw

Spindle speed: 12-18 r/min (using frequency conversion speed regulation)

Mixing method: three-dimensional

Mixing capacity: 20 Kg (200L)

Mixing barrel material: SUS304, thickness 2.5mm, inner polished mirror surface (Ra0.2μm), outer polished and brushed

Auxiliary electrical appliances, oil supply configuration
Touch screen:DELTA, 7 inches (man-machine interface)
Inverter: DELTA
Servo motor: DELTA
Auxiliary electrical appliances:SCHNEIDER, OMRON
Encoder (incremental): OMRON
Oil filling method: Intelligent automatic addition
Oil supply pump model: HGP-1A-F5R(5CC/rrp)
Fuel supply pump brand: DENISON, POOCCA, SUORUI
Oil injection accuracy: 2‰ (repeat accuracy 5‰)


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