Principle and application of industrial PTFE screening machine


Industrial PTFE screening machine is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment, mainly used to screen powder or granular materials according to different particle sizes. Its core component is a screen made of PTFE material, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, suitable for production processes in a variety of industries.

The working principle of the PTFE screen is simple and clear. The material enters the inside of the screening machine through the feed port, passes the screening effect of the screen, and is divided into different levels according to the particle size. Larger particles are trapped above the screen, while smaller particles fall through the screen into the aggregate area below. Through continuous vibration or vibrating screen mesh, the remaining material is recycled and screened until the desired classification effect is achieved.

Industrial PTFE screening machine is widely used in chemical, food, medicine, metallurgy and other industries. For example, in chemical production, PTFE screeners can be used to separate solid particles and solutions to achieve higher purity of the target product; In food processing, flour and powdered sugar can be sifted to eliminate impurities and improve product quality. In short, the use of industrial PTFE screeners can improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure product quality and consistency.Industrial PTFE screening machine