Application of PTFE calender


Application of PTFE membrane calender

Calendering is the finishing process of cloth, paper or plastic film. PTFE film calenders are commonly used to smooth, coat or thin materials.

Its comprehensive performance and mechanical processing characteristics can meet the use requirements and precision after maintenance, reduce the impact and vibration during equipment operation, and prolong the service life. Since the material is a variable, when an external force impacts the material, the material will deform to absorb the external force, and expand with the expansion of the bearing or other components, and it will always fit closely with the component to reduce the probability of wear. For the wear and tear of large extruders, the damaged equipment can also be repaired on site by using molds or accessories to avoid the overall disassembly of the equipment, ensure the size of the accessories to the maximum extent, and meet the production and operation requirements of the equipment.