• 09-26/2023
    The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival centered on the appreciation of the moon. People gather together especially on this night to enjoy the bright moon. The activity of admiring the moon has a long history in China and has become a custom. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, people will set up tables and chairs outdoors or on the roof, enjoy mooncakes and tea while enjoying the full moon, and family members will get together to enjoy the festival. Many people also sing Mid-Autumn Festival songs to add to the festive cheer. In addition to appreciating the moon, playing with lights is also one of the important activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival. People will make a variety of exquisite lanterns, such as rabbit lanterns, flower lanterns, etc., and hang them in their homes, courtyards or public places. The rabbit lantern is one of the most representative lanterns for the Mid-Autumn Festival, as rabbits symbolize happiness and longevity in Chinese culture. These elaborately made lanterns not only bring visual enjoyment to people, but also symbolize to increase the festivity and peace of the festival. The activities of watching the moon and playing with lanterns on the Mid-Autumn Festival have inherited thousands of years of history and culture, symbolizing people's yearning for reunion, happiness and a better life. By enjoying the full moon, tasting mooncakes and playing with lanterns with family and friends, people experience and share the joy and warmth brought by the Mid-Autumn Festival, which makes the festival more colorful.
  • 09-20/2023
    Industrial PTFE screening machine is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment, which is mainly used to screen powdery or granular materials according to different particle sizes. Its core component is a screen made of PTFE material, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for production processes in various industries.
  • 05-05/2023